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Refund & Cancellation

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Clickstree is committed to providing straightforward and easy to understand refund and cancellation policy. In the event, the client is not satisfied with the services of Clickstree, HE/SHE/YOU have the right to ask for a refund. ‘We’ or ‘Clickstree’ will be glad to assist you more conveniently by exercising a refund after a thorough review of the problem statement.

The refund policy by us is devised to make it clear about the situations in which Clickstree will be responsible to refund your money back. By registering for any our services such as SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC/Adwords, Reputation Management, Link Building, Local SEO and Content Writing, you agree to our terms of use and policies outlined in the refund policy.

Refund Policy Coverage

The companies, persons, businesses or other entities not associated with Clickstree have no access and control over the policy. The policy covers all the refunds that are owned and managed by Clickstree/ or a website.


It states that for canceling any order or service, a particular reason must be given by the client within 7-10 days of service agreement. Clickstree is not liable to follow the refund and cancellation commitments as in any case we hold the right not to entertain the refund.

The information on the website in regards to refund policy is categorized into three sections such as One Time Submission, Monthly SEO Service and Non-Refundable Entries.

In the case of ONE TIME SUBMISSION, any kind of disappointment from the services or products offered by Clickstree will be taken into account to keep all customers happy. Full or Partial refund can be issued in some circumstances including the following:

  • Must have connected to our experts to get the right solution before putting a request for refund.
  • It is mandatory to put up a mail regarding the refund within the stipulated days i.e. 14 days of invoice generation.
  • You must have a valid reason to file a refund claim
  • You must provide a valid report against any fraudulent charge (if any)
  • When it comes to quality, Clickstree fully assured about the authenticity and genuineness of the products and services. We strive to deliver the services with no possibility of project failure, cancellation, and dispute. For the projects that will be completed and delivered on the same day will not be considered under the refund policy.

    Note:The delivery date of initial link report from the Clickstree may be delayed under some unexpected circumstances.

    After submission of the refund request, we request ‘You’ ‘Clients’ to let us process the request as per the standards set. Any kind of impassiveness from your side can cause disturbance and delay. Our usual response time is from 24-48 hours and we make sure that our team keeps in touch with you to provide you updates on the refund request.

    Monthly SEO Service

    The Monthly services for any of the services can be canceled by the client. This can be done by making a call to the customer care giving them the reasons for not to continue our services. This policy is applicable in the same circumstances as mentioned above.

    The Refund policy for Monthly SEO Service will be considered only for the projects that are open in the same month i.e. on the current basis. Keep it into account that we are not liable to refund the money back for the projects completed in the last months if filled after the stipulated 14 days time span.


    Clickstree is not obliged to give a full or partial refund in case of:

  • Non-Delivery of the Product
  • Download Issues
  • Irreparable Flaws
  • Before agreeing to our services, we advise you to read our refund policy carefully. Clickstree’s refund policy herein is only valid to businesses, entities, and customers who have made use of our products/services based on their original billing details, contact and project details.

    Lastly, we hold the right to make any kind of alteration to the content, data, and information provided on the website in any of the sections without any prior notice. We advise you to check the page and stay updated.