PPC Packages

  • Monthly PPC spend with PPC networks

  • Keywords in campaign
  • Google PPC Network
  • Bing PPC Networks
  • Facebook PPC
  • Google Remarketing
  • Initial campaign development & strategy
  • Advanced keyword research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Ad campaign copywriting
  • Ad copy performance testing
  • Ongoing keyword development and tweaking
  • Dynamic keyword insertion into ads
  • Google analytics integration & goal tracking
  • Results analysis/reporting
  • Strategic bid management
  • PPC account settings monitoring (Ex. Geotargeting)
  • Single account representative
  • Up to two personal consultations per month
  • Monitoring clicks, conversions and click fraud activity
  • Setup and management of rule based bidding
  • International PPC campaign management
  • Ecommerce PPC ROI reporting
  • Landing Page design & implementation
  • Website conversion analysis reporting
  • Banner ad design for remarketing
  • Facebook remarketing (Includes banner design)
  • Website conversion analysis implementation
  • Multivariant testing on landing page
  • Multivariant testing ecommerce store & checkout/cart process
  • Monthly performance & analysis reporting
  • Free $100 AdWords credit to new clients
  • One time setup (1st month):
  • Progressive monthly management:


Up to $2,500

Up to 400


$2,501 to $5,000

Up to 2,000
Add $1,000
14% of monthly budget



Up to 10,000
1 set included
By Quote
By Quote
By Quote
12% of monthly budget

PPC Packages

  • Monthly budget

  • Geo-fencing ad targeting
  • Mobile ad design formats:
  • 120x20
  • 168x28
  • 216x36
  • 300x50
  • Google mobile search ads
  • Bing/Yahoo mobile search ads
  • YouTube/video ads
  • Ads in iPhone apps
  • Ads in Android apps
  • Facebook mobile ads
  • FourSquare ads
  • Mobile coupons
  • Ads on Pandora/mobile radio (Client supplies audio file)
  • Twitter mobile ads
  • International mobile ads
  • SMS messages
  • SMS delivery
  • One time setup (1st month):
  • Progressive monthly management:









$0.035 per recipient


Pay-Per-Click is a technique which is used to drive traffic to your website. When certain keywords are entered in the search engines, your ad will appear. In this method, advertisers are charged each time when their ad is clicked.

When you hire our services, we will help you bring your website to the top of Google search results. Our experts will make sure that your brand gains more popularity and reaches the target audience. This will certainly help in maximizing the ROI

When you create an ad, you should select a set of keywords that will bring your ad on top of popular search results. It is very important to choose the keywords wisely as they can make or break your ad. Our professionals have the required expertise as well as knowledge and can help you find the best keywords for your ad. We will use some tools such as Google Keyword Planner, keyword tool etc. to select the best keywords for your business.

PPC is beneficial for almost all types of businesses. Whether you have a small or large business, advertising it efficiently is important. By using this advertising technique, our professionals can help to bring immediate traffic to all types of businesses.

After creating a PPC campaign, we will manage it regularly. We will make sure there is regular account activity. We will streamline your PPC campaign in a better way. We will work in the following way:

  • • Identify and select the relevant keywords
  • • Formulate the campaign plan and strategy
  • • Create the text for ads
  • • Manage the bids
  • • Monitor the performance of PPC and reporting
  • • Conversion tracking analysis
  • • Monitoring and analyzing traffic
  • • Achieving campaign goals

Every time someone clicks on your ad, you will be charged a fee associated with the specific keyword. The bids can vary according to your business requirements. Our experts will bid on keywords that will maximize your ROI

Yes, PPC results are measurable. Our professionals will help you to keep a track of conversion rates, costs, profits, views, clicks etc. related to the campaign. This will certainly help you to measure your performance.

There are some differences between PPC and organic listing. Paid searches can be launched quickly as compared to the organic listing. Also, their results are measurable.

No, running a PPC account will not affect your organic listings. However, it can help you improve your online presence as it provides valuable insight into the keywords you are targeting. Our PPC experts will help to crawl your pages more quickly on the site.

PPC advertising is an efficient way to drive traffic to your website instantly. It is a short-term strategy which can help you get leads quickly. That is why paying for a search engine advertisement can be beneficial for you.

The quality and relevance of keywords and PPC ads are measured through the quality score. It is a Google’s rating and depends on various factors such as Click-Through Rate, Ad Relevance, Landing page etc.

CPC means Cost Per Click. It is the amount you will pay for each click in your PPC campaign. It is important because it gives an idea of the financial success of your PPC campaign.

Our PPC practices ensure that you incur minimal CPC for your campaign. We follow the following methods:

  • • We raise your quality score
  • • Expand your reach
  • • Refine your reach

We have an experienced team that follows the best PPC strategies at minimum CPC to ensure that the rankings of your website improve in SERPs.