What is Google’s Broad Core Update?


We are aware of the updates that Google regularly introduces in its algorithms to provide better search experience to its users. One of the latest updates is the “Core algorithm update” introduced in March 2018.
Let us see what the core update is all about.
The core update focuses on enhancing the quality of SERPs rather than the quality of content. This objective of this update is to reward the unrewarded sites rather than impose any kind of penalties on these sites.
Broad core updates are introduced several times during a day to improve the search results. In fact, core algorithm updates have been updated on a regular basis since 2012.
There is a misconception in the SEO industry regarding this update that the focus is on ranking pages that are of low quality. However, the fact that remains that the focus has now shifted to providing as many related results to users during a search as possible. Therefore, the assumption that sites that did not rank earlier did not deserve to figure in searches is incorrect.
It is important to note that this update targets the best answers to any query instead of low-quality web pages.

Process of Update:

Google introduces two changes to their core algorithm per day. As per Google, their most experienced search engineers launch a change in SERPs only after analyzing and reviewing the data from different experiments. Based on this process Google has introduced 665 enhancements in search results in 2012.
One of the most apparent effects of this update is that pages that may have been ranking highly in search results may find themselves out of the top 100 suddenly during the day. However, the same pages may again find themselves ranked better on the same day!
In case, you find your page dropping in search engine rankings, Don’t Get Alarmed! It is definitely not an indication that there is something wrong with your site. It is just that it could be that your page is in the midst of algorithm testing with Google’s broad core update.

Impacts of the core update:

There are no penalties imposed so there are no drastic losses.
Content updates were not a criterion for improved ranking of the page.
The focus of Google for ranking the page was no longer dependent on only the quality but also factors such as location, etc. so as to provide the users more relevant results.
The broad core is not about penalizing any site so actually, nothing much can be done in case you find your page falling in search results. The best option is to wait and watch.
However, if you experience that your page is not able to resurface in the rankings or improve its place, it is time to take action!

How to cope with the core update?

Ensuring that your page remains high in the search results while competing with other sites in the purview of the core update can be quite challenging.
If it is any reassurance, understand that you are not alone! All your competitors are facing the same uncertainties.
In order to cope with these updates, first of all, you will need to follow the SERPs proactively and observe what is ranking high and what is not. Based on that you could tweak your site accordingly.
Next, it is important to identify the purpose of the core algorithm update. The sole objective of this update is to provide search results from the user’s perspective, it is time to put on the thinking hat of your user!

What does this imply?

It simply means to provide enough content on your page that will answer the search queries from various angles.
For example, if you have a real estate site that provides a means for buying/selling properties without an agent, you can have content on your page that will provide results to users with a number of queries such as: how to sell my home privately, how to sell without an agent, agent-free selling, etc.
The more you try to think like a user, more queries you will have and you can provide content that satisfies more users. This will ensure that your site improves its position in SERPs as it provides more comprehensive search results to users.
The focus of content has now shifted to solving the problems of users instead of being keyword centric. This will definitely provide a better user experience. You should provide an easy and convenient means to your users to find specific answers to their queries whether it is a product/service. Also, the search answers should cater to location-specific queries as well.
The content should be able to match the intent of the users. The content that is relevant and has authority is bound to be stable to algorithmic changes and have high visibility.

In a Nutshell:

Google’s Core Update is definitely shaking up the rankings drastically leaving the site owners confused. However, it is heartening to know that these changes are not to penalize any site but these changes are made in the search engines to make searches more user-friendly. These updates that are implemented by Google twice a day cause major changes, but nothing much can be done by the site owner as these changes in ranking do not reflect on any shortcoming of the site.
However, the key to ensuring that your site is not much affected by the update is by providing comprehensive user-friendly content on your site. There are digital marketing companies that provide professional content writing services. These professionals are aware of the nuances of the updates by Google and can provide customized content that strikes a chord with a large number of users.

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